lauantai 5. tammikuuta 2013

Tea and biscuits

Well, Monday I'm on the road to England. I can't still realize that I'm really going there for four and a half freaking months. Going to come back with a breakdown. Can't wait!

We had this farewell party yesterday with Hanna. The theme was of course GREAT BRITAIN. I was dressed as prince Harry's future bride... Sorry, Alan, but I had to! You always have to use the change to make a wedding dress out of lace curtains worth of three euros. Gladly I had some friends with me always from a punk anarchist to Dr. Who. Photos are from my sister's and Hanna's phones, thanks!

With my lovely bridesmaid! You can never have too much ruffles and accessories... ;)
What's happening to my royal tea party?!

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