keskiviikko 19. joulukuuta 2012

Choice of Holloway

There are some things I'm really waiting from England. Well, I think all those seems to be certain stores...

I love shoes. Especially original and spectacular shoes. That's why I'm extremely in love with Irregular Choice. Oh those all shoes with different patterns and colors and rosettes and buttons and everything that you can imagine! When I told my mom about this brand, she told me not to go to their store... I think she's afraid that I'm going to buy everything I see. Well, I might.

The shoes below aren't the best examples about colorfulness but I just love the design of this pair. Weddingly ever after, I could say!

Oh My God, Shoes.

Also Vivien of Holloway is one of the greatest loves of mine. I already own a white petticoat from them but must-have-from-vivien-of-holloway-list includes also a dress. One satin and black halterneck circle dress for me, thank you. Or a red one. Can't decide.

Of course I cant't help wondering how the Irregular Choice shoes would look great with Vivien of Holloway dress... I confess, I'm a materialist.

Polko-dots as far as the eye can see

However, there are still at least one thing that I wait from England more then stores: the countryside. Maybe I have a slightly romanticized picture of it, but I really loved the countryside of Ireland when we visited there with my family couple of years ago. That's the most biggest thing I miss from that country and also hope that from England I could find similar landscapes.


Tällä kertaa tuli kirjoiteltua englanniksi, tuntui jokseenkin paremmalta vaihtoehdolta. Voi olla että jatkossa tuleekin pelkkää englantia, mutta ehkä se on vaihtomaata ajatellen ihan ymmärrettävää. On helpompaa kirjoittaa suoraan englanniksi kuin ensin suomeksi ja sitten kääntää jo kirjoitettu teksti.

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